New Bandy Rink Presented at EC Meeting in Sandviken

*Swe Rink (with Hudik Kapell), TuTwo and Sports Republic  - presented a New Bandy Rink at the EC Meeting during World Cup in Sandviken 15 October.
It was a lot of positive response, for the “New Rink” due to – Security, Marketing and Image reasons of the Bandy Sport... but as always some questions.

*The Rink presented was Yellow (and should be Red in some parts in the middle) 20 cm high(could be done also in 15 cm) – with a “Red Soft” protector on top for avoiding injuries on. The Main Idea with the Yellow Colour and Red Top is that it creates a sharper image of the Bandy Rink as such – The little bit higher Rink also creates a possibility to hold marketing on it (see attached picture).... The model shown is in 2 pieces – The Rink and the Safety Barrier. The prototype is displayed  in 1 meter pieces but will be delivered in 3 meter pieces. The Rinks “Safety Barrier” could both be clinched directly to the Rink, as well as separated to the Rink, due to the Players and Referees perception of Safety around the Rink – The Safety Barrier also holds possibilities for Marketing and is also strengthen also the Bandy Court Image. The General Idea is that the Safety Barriers should be placed also on the “Short Side”  between 2-meters behind the line also with a Yellow base of (15-20 cm) to lock in the Image of the Bandy Court as such.  

*The Rink will be tested by China Bandy Federationduring the “China Open Bandy Winter Classic” in Chengde 30 December 2016 to 2 January 2017. The Invitations will be sent out shortly.

*On the picture, Mr Wu Dawei(China Bandy), Mr Zhu Zhi Qiang(FIB VP), Patrik Rönning (Hudik Kapell) , Marco Engborg (Fortaxa Head Sponsor of World Cup),  Mats Norin  (SweRink), Evgenij Epifanov (FIB Development Committee), Bo Nyman (FIB General Sectretary) Per-Erik Holmström (China Bandy)  

Not able to participate in the Picture, Bo Skrynnik (FIB President), Leo Segerman (FIB VP), Arne Anderstedt (FIB VP and Head of Technical Committee), Stig Bertilsson VP.

News from China Bandy at World Cup in Sandviken 13-16 October…

*China Bandy announced that It will be a second “Bandy Winter Classic” in Chengde 30 December 2016-1 January 2017. The Tournament will be open for both Woman and Mens Team.

*China Delegation lead by Mr Zhu Zhi Qiang, presented a new “Bandy Rink” at the Technical Meeting.

*Harbin Sport University to be the FIBs development center for Chinese Bandy in China.

News from China Bandy visit in Sweden during August

Li Bin Dong, has been leading an investigation to explore the opportunities to open the FIB Development Center in Harbin

The Investigation Group has been visiting Classic Bandy Cities and Villages in Sweden like Sandviken, the “Hard Steel City” home of World Championship and World Cup 2017, Västerås the most Champions City in Bandy, and Edsbyn, the first indoor arena in Sweden and the home of the Chinese Head Coach and former World Best Player Hans Johansson. The visit also included visit in Stockholm and Gustavsberg.    


News from World Championship for Ladies in Minneapolis 2016

*US Ladies, became stunned in the beginning by the Chinese Great Wall and it took them almost 15 minutes to came around it. During the whole game the Ladies backed their defence with really good work...In the end the US Ladies skill became too much, but the Chinese Ladies should get honoured for their work in this first World Championship Game... Now is also China Ladies on the Bandy Map.


*The Chinese Team did another strong game in the defence against Finland, but in the end Finland won 9-0. It was just 0-3 after the first half, and then bear in mind it was a penalty shoot that made the first score. Totally Finland had 3 penalty shoot today, and our 14 years old Goalie Zhang Xiaowen did a fantastic save and took one of them. The Chinese also started to play the ball much better and in my opinion it was a couple of goal to much, but so far people already talk about China as the best new team ever, due to the organized defence, signed by Jan Sjonemark and Hans Johansson.

Today we have a very tuff schedule meeting the two best teams Sweden and Russia on the same day, It could be tricky for all other teams.


*This will be a really memorable day for China. It is the first day in many years that China has been honoured to be able to meet a Swedish or a Russian National Team in either Ice Hockey or Bandy.  This might have been the hardest competition day, for any Chinese Team in the history, meeting the two best Teams in the World in the Championship on the same Day. But again this young Team showed an astonishing Charactercoming out to meet this huge competition with a strong defence and did everything they could to stop them. Despite losing this two game with 0-10 I think they really have something to be proud of here...To get you the good feeling of the moral and spirit in this Chinese team the sang in the Bus on their way home from the Arena and were really happy... And I might think they have got the best picture, by both Russia and Sweden,how the Bandy could be played that will be very useful for the future.



*China Ladies team did their two best games in the tournament in the last day, losing 0-7 to both Norway and Canada, who will deal about the bronze medals later today. In the game against Norway the play was might the best in the whole tournament and against Canada the Chinese team fighted so well that the game was almost levelled after first half. 

Today we will see the Final between Russia and Sweden and to summarize the tournament we have played, better structured defence with good attitude throughout the whole tournament that I have ever seen a Chinese Team done before. On the offensive side we have not have the strength to score with this young team. We have had no Johan Chang to help us out on the Ladies side here, but if we had the way to a medal is not that far for this young team with a great heart and courage.  


NEWS from World Championship in Bandy Uljanovsk 2016


*Last Day in World Championship China won another game against Somali and then it became a good and intense game against the Czechs, for most of the time..


*China vs Somali

In the morning the team played a quite friendly and well played games from both side. Both coaches Pelle Fosshaug for Somali and Hans Johansson for China, thought it was a good game for the development of Bandy. In the end it became 14-1 for China, and some scoring for many players among them Johan Chang but also one of the Chinese Team Gentlemens, defenseman Yu Qitai managed to score...  


*China vs Czech 2-6 (2-2)

After a slow and unlucky start China was down 0-2 in the beginning, but the Chinese team came back, after two goals by Johan Chang and the game was levelled in halftime with the Chinese Team looking really strong.

The Chinese Team, controlled the game and as far as 20 minutes left it had skated out the Czech team and got most of the chances. But today we did  not manage to score the leading goal and then the Czechs produced the leading goal instead, by using their Hockey competence in the Box. After that the Chinese players left a little bit their strategy and the game opened up to much for China and the Ice Hockey experienced Czech team could find a way to kill the the end it became 2-6...


*To Summarize the Tournament...
We started the tournament a little bit slow and lost clearly some games against strong teams as Mongolia, Czech and Ukraine, but you could already in the beginning see that we had increased our skating capacity and more and more pieces came in place during the whole week. When Johan Chang came on Friday we became a new team and increased our scoring capacity. Finally Johan Chang produced 17 goals, and 6 assist. With him we did two really good games against both Japan and Czech and I actually think we were a little bit unlucky with the results in these two games. We also gave the German team a good game in the quarterfinal and we won 2 games against Somali. During the week we have put all the pieces from Nordic Vikings, Hokay and Harbin Sports University together and young players like goalie Zhou Tongshe, Daniel Zhang, Zu Mingrunze Wu Jiasiteng, Zhang Pengfei really put in a lot of skating energy into the team. In the dark Yang Huai also scored  goals and in the older generation mainly Captain Gaou Chunlin, Yu Qitai and Yan Dong managed to balanced the team quite well complemented by Guo Ping, Zhang Lijun, Zhang Ludao and Wang Chunyi. Gao Bochen came to the tournament with fewer but could at least play one game against Somali. We are already now really looking forward to the World Championship in Sandviken 2017...We could be ready to pick up the competition with both Japan and Mongolia, who both did a really strong tournament. All the Asian Teams are really on their way with good spirit in Bandy.



*China lost against Germany in the Quarterfinal with 10-5..


Today we meet the best team, Germany, so far in the Tournament and again we played a quite disciplined game with good defence. Johan Chang scored 4 goals and had an assist to another goal and he together with good defensive play kept us a live for a while. Johan has had produced amazing 9 goals and 4 assist in just three games. Another  player not mentioned so far in the tournament is Yan Dong, born in Harbin but has done most of his active life in different clubs in Shenzen, Macau and Hong Kong Area. He has stabilized the defence but today he also scored and had one fantastic assist to one of the goals...        


*Internal Points... from coach Hans Johansson

We have developed the play for each game, playing and keeping the ball better and better on the ice. We have levelled out most part of the skating part in all games. It is especially the new skating capacity put in by the young Hokay boys, that makes a huge difference in the skating capacity. The next step is that we need to learn to handle different competences with our stick, especially shooting which will give us more possibilities to score on fixed situations, like corners, penalty shoot and free strikes... If you really look deep on the statistics it has been the Fixed situations especially on corners – that was one of the major differences as the Germans stroke 3 times on corners and put in one penalty shoot. Many goals in the defensive side is still made on different errors. It is all from individual errors on the wrong place on the ice as well as misunderstanding in the rules.         


*Tomorrow we will have another two games and we hope that we could finish in far we have kept the spirit up.



*China beat Somali with 9-3, in the last game of the day.

Nordic Vikings player Johan Chang, who came this morning after going from airport to airport in Moscow in the morning to catch a flight, become clearly the difference between the Teams with 4 goals and 2 assists – However the Somali team scored the most beautiful goal...   


*China- Japan 1-3 (1-1)

This game became the best performance for a Chinese Team in World Championship, showing that the Chinese skating capacity is as strong as the Japanese and hopefully we could look forward to many great games in Asian Bandy between this teams. Johan Chang, who arrived started his campaign in this tournament with a penalty shoot in Goal... However the Referee called it off and he missed the second chance...In the rebound Japan took the lead. Johan Chang then scored the equalizer and it was 1-1 after the first half. In the second half Japan scored on a “hard judged” penalty shoot to 2-1, in the beginning. The Japanese Team, also scored on a ball that the Chinese defenders stopped playing on because it was of the court to 3-1, the Chinese energy was not enough to change the game, where the Japanese Team controlled the game.


*Nordic Viking Player Daniel Zhang, scored a real “Lomanov” goal in World Championship.... China lost 2-8 against Ukraine..  

Tomorrow will be a restart of the Tournament for the Chinese Team, with games against Japan and Somali....Johan Chang is expected to arrive just before the game against Japan..


*Captain and former Chinese Ice Hockey Legend Gao Chunlin scored first goal in the tournament for China...however   Chinese Team, lost against Mongolia with 1-7 in the first game in the Championship.     


*Young Huai become the first Hokay player to score in a Bandy World Championship when China meet Czech Republic.... China lost against the classic ice hockey nation Czech republic with 1-8 after a friendly game.


**So far has our best player been our goalie Zhou Tongshe, also from Hokay, who does his second World Championship, says Head Coach Hans Elis Johansson... He also added that he think they have followed the expectations so far, and hopefully we will have something more in the pocket, later in the tournament when Johan Chang, arrives and also young Gao Bochen, might be ready for play.



*China Referee Wang Xue Feng, became Chinas first FIB Referee when he finalize his FIB Referee exam yesterday. He will do his debut as Referee today in the World Championship Japan vs Czech.


*Wang Xue Feng, have for long time dreamed of playing Bandy and become a part of the Bandy World, since his father gave him a Bandy Stick, when he was a little child. Last year he did a tremendous work to put together the first China Team...


*Wang Xue Feng, Is also the first Asian Referee, if you exclude some Russian Referees in Kazachstan... so it is really a milestone made for China Bandy.


















Report from China Bandy Year End Report and AGM 2015

China Bandy started their operations in Late 2014. We applied and was accepted a membership in FiB, Federation of International Bandy, in December 2014. In January 2015 the first “Bandy Winter Classic” was arranged in Chengde, where China National Mens Team played there first game against Nordic Vikings and lost 2-5. Also two of the World Best Teams Sandvikens AIK (Sweden) and Irkutsk Russia and Bajkal Energy was playing a light version of a World Cup Final for Club Teams. The Russians won with 6-5. One week later in February The China Bandy, represented China in World Championship in Khabarovsk, winning two games over Somalia and losing two tight games against Mongolia. Chinese Player Johan Chang, became the best goal scorer in the whole Championship scoring 17 goals. Captain for the Team was Daniel Zhang. Wang Xue Feng was the man behind the development of the Chinese Team together with Hans Johansson and Jan Sjonemark.  

In March Hans Johansson, Wu Dawei and Mr Zhu president of Harbin Sports University represented China in the FIB Bandy Congress. Mr Zhu was voted in at the FIB Council. In order to give China a more formal organisation Mr Zhu, has been voted in to be honourable Chairman for China Bandy, and has been given a free chart to put up a formal organisation as well as he also is in charge of our formal representation in FIB. We believe he could do a lot for the Bandy sports way to become an Olympic Sport. 

To create the Federation we were supported by FIB, and some private sponsorship and support from Zang Yuan Hokay, Wang Long, Per-Erik Holmström Nordic Vikingsand Shooting Zhang. Reebook CCM and TuTwo became the Chinese National Teams first Sponsors.  Sandvik and Bajkal Energy and TuTwo was the Head sponsors of “Chengde Bandy Winter Classic.