*Swe Rink (with Hudik Kapell), TuTwo and Sports Republic  - presented a New Bandy Rink at the EC Meeting during World Cup in Sandviken 15 October.
It was a lot of positive response, for the “New Rink” due to – Security, Marketing and Image reasons of the Bandy Sport... but as always some questions.

*The Rink presented was Yellow (and should be Red in some parts in the middle) 20 cm high(could be done also in 15 cm) – with a “Red Soft” protector on top for avoiding injuries on. The Main Idea with the Yellow Colour and Red Top is that it creates a sharper image of the Bandy Rink as such – The little bit higher Rink also creates a possibility to hold marketing on it (see attached picture).... The model shown is in 2 pieces – The Rink and the Safety Barrier. The prototype is displayed  in 1 meter pieces but will be delivered in 3 meter pieces. The Rinks “Safety Barrier” could both be clinched directly to the Rink, as well as separated to the Rink, due to the Players and Referees perception of Safety around the Rink – The Safety Barrier also holds possibilities for Marketing and is also strengthen also the Bandy Court Image. The General Idea is that the Safety Barriers should be placed also on the “Short Side”  between 2-meters behind the line also with a Yellow base of (15-20 cm) to lock in the Image of the Bandy Court as such.  

*The Rink will be tested by China Bandy Federationduring the “China Open Bandy Winter Classic” in Chengde 30 December 2016 to 2 January 2017. The Invitations will be sent out shortly.

*On the picture, Mr Wu Dawei(China Bandy), Mr Zhu Zhi Qiang(FIB VP), Patrik Rönning (Hudik Kapell) , Marco Engborg (Fortaxa Head Sponsor of World Cup),  Mats Norin  (SweRink), Evgenij Epifanov (FIB Development Committee), Bo Nyman (FIB General Sectretary) Per-Erik Holmström (China Bandy)  

Not able to participate in the Picture, Bo Skrynnik (FIB President), Leo Segerman (FIB VP), Arne Anderstedt (FIB VP and Head of Technical Committee), Stig Bertilsson VP.