*US Ladies, became stunned in the beginning by the Chinese Great Wall and it took them almost 15 minutes to came around it. During the whole game the Ladies backed their defence with really good work...In the end the US Ladies skill became too much, but the Chinese Ladies should get honoured for their work in this first World Championship Game... Now is also China Ladies on the Bandy Map.


*The Chinese Team did another strong game in the defence against Finland, but in the end Finland won 9-0. It was just 0-3 after the first half, and then bear in mind it was a penalty shoot that made the first score. Totally Finland had 3 penalty shoot today, and our 14 years old Goalie Zhang Xiaowen did a fantastic save and took one of them. The Chinese also started to play the ball much better and in my opinion it was a couple of goal to much, but so far people already talk about China as the best new team ever, due to the organized defence, signed by Jan Sjonemark and Hans Johansson.

Today we have a very tuff schedule meeting the two best teams Sweden and Russia on the same day, It could be tricky for all other teams.


*This will be a really memorable day for China. It is the first day in many years that China has been honoured to be able to meet a Swedish or a Russian National Team in either Ice Hockey or Bandy.  This might have been the hardest competition day, for any Chinese Team in the history, meeting the two best Teams in the World in the Championship on the same Day. But again this young Team showed an astonishing Charactercoming out to meet this huge competition with a strong defence and did everything they could to stop them. Despite losing this two game with 0-10 I think they really have something to be proud of here...To get you the good feeling of the moral and spirit in this Chinese team the sang in the Bus on their way home from the Arena and were really happy... And I might think they have got the best picture, by both Russia and Sweden,how the Bandy could be played that will be very useful for the future.



*China Ladies team did their two best games in the tournament in the last day, losing 0-7 to both Norway and Canada, who will deal about the bronze medals later today. In the game against Norway the play was might the best in the whole tournament and against Canada the Chinese team fighted so well that the game was almost levelled after first half. 

Today we will see the Final between Russia and Sweden and to summarize the tournament we have played, better structured defence with good attitude throughout the whole tournament that I have ever seen a Chinese Team done before. On the offensive side we have not have the strength to score with this young team. We have had no Johan Chang to help us out on the Ladies side here, but if we had the way to a medal is not that far for this young team with a great heart and courage.