China Bandy started their operations in Late 2014. We applied and was accepted a membership in FiB, Federation of International Bandy, in December 2014. In January 2015 the first “Bandy Winter Classic” was arranged in Chengde, where China National Mens Team played there first game against Nordic Vikings and lost 2-5. Also two of the World Best Teams Sandvikens AIK (Sweden) and Irkutsk Russia and Bajkal Energy was playing a light version of a World Cup Final for Club Teams. The Russians won with 6-5. One week later in February The China Bandy, represented China in World Championship in Khabarovsk, winning two games over Somalia and losing two tight games against Mongolia. Chinese Player Johan Chang, became the best goal scorer in the whole Championship scoring 17 goals. Captain for the Team was Daniel Zhang. Wang Xue Feng was the man behind the development of the Chinese Team together with Hans Johansson and Jan Sjonemark.  

In March Hans Johansson, Wu Dawei and Mr Zhu president of Harbin Sports University represented China in the FIB Bandy Congress. Mr Zhu was voted in at the FIB Council. In order to give China a more formal organisation Mr Zhu, has been voted in to be honourable Chairman for China Bandy, and has been given a free chart to put up a formal organisation as well as he also is in charge of our formal representation in FIB. We believe he could do a lot for the Bandy sports way to become an Olympic Sport. 

To create the Federation we were supported by FIB, and some private sponsorship and support from Zang Yuan Hokay, Wang Long, Per-Erik Holmström Nordic Vikingsand Shooting Zhang. Reebook CCM and TuTwo became the Chinese National Teams first Sponsors.  Sandvik and Bajkal Energy and TuTwo was the Head sponsors of “Chengde Bandy Winter Classic.